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Brothers Egg formed in 2015 in Wilmington, NC when brothers James Davy and Hunter Eggleston teamed-up with Suzanna Crist to forge an individual sound from their wide range of instruments and musical influences. Their music reflects an eclectic and driving blend of Roots Rock, Bluegrass, Country and World Music. 

Brothers Egg hatched after James returned from an extended surf trip to Southern Africa, where he began writing music and honing his ear for African rhythms and melodies. In the meantime, Hunter thru-hiked, solo the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail where he gained a newfound appreciation for American roots music and Appalachian bluegrass. The brothers returned home with new ideas and a fresh approach to songwriting.

Suzanna Crist was discovered by James at an open mic night at Grinders Café in Wilmington, NC. Upon hearing her sing and play the violin, James decided to play some of his own songs and asked Suzanna if she would sit in. A powerful musical connection was felt, and a positive reaction from the room followed. Weekly jam sessions ensued and Suzi eventually accepted the brothers invitation to join the band. Contributing tasteful fiddle hooks and harmonies, Suzanna brings a unique musical element to the Brothers Egg.  

Jimmy Thompson was spotted in Raleigh, NC while playing bass with the alt. country outfit the Debonzo Brothers. James took note of his tasteful playing, and when the band relocated to Raleigh, Jimmy was asked to join. A veteran of the Raleigh music scene, Jimmy's playing is unassuming yet packs with a punch. 

Andy Blair grew up playing in bands with James throughout middle and high school, and came up with the band name Brothers Egg while living with James and Hunter in Wilmington, NC! After making appearances on early recordings and shows, Andy was asked to officially join the band as lead guitarist in early 2018.

James and Hunter's father, Dave Eggleston played drums and recorded with some infamous R&B and rock bands out of Richmond, VA in the 1980’s and when it came time to get into the studio, James and Hunter couldn’t think of a better fit for the skins than their own pops. Papa Eggs brings a solid & seasoned feel to the BE sound, making Brothers Egg a true family band.

Live performances have been described as high energy, musically stimulating, and a hidden gem. 

Brothers Egg released their debut LP All for You, in early March 2018.

As close to rock as one can come armed with mandolins and banjos.
“[Brothers Egg] strikes similarities to Ray Lamontagne. Jamie’s lyrics compel with relatability…demonstrating lyrical and musical prowess”
-Encore Magazine




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